DodoCare Daysafe Lip Care with SPF 30 (8gm)



  • Slay away lip dryness
    Say goodbye to chapped lips and lip dryness with our daycare lip balm. Made with active ingredients like Ceramide,Colloidal Oat, and Allantoin – the ultimate moisture-lock formula. Get hydrated, supple and soft texture all day long.
  • More than a glossy boost
    Our skin changes as we age, and so do our lips. With time, lip wrinkles are in full emphasis and dryness takes the front seat. Contains Niacinamide that reverses the damage, prevents signs of withered lips and gives them a more nourished, healthy, brightening glow.
  • Sun won’t bother
    Sun sucks out the hydration from our lips. Harmful UV rays are a threat too! Your lips require a safety cover and some extra love. Enriched with broad spectrum SPF 30, our daycare lip balm keeps your lips moisturized and protects them while out in the sun.
  • No more dark, pigmented lips
    If smoking, lip gnawing, and unreasonable dryness have turned your lips dull and dry, our lip balm will work its magic. Restore the natural color of your lips and give them a healthy hue with our daytime lip care salve.
Quantity :- 8 gm
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